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With over three decades of experience, we offer expert representation and advice on child support matters.

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We offer specialized services tailored to meet your child support needs.

Child Support Establishment

Establishing appropriate child support obligations for families.

Enforcement Advocacy

Expert representation of either parent in matters of enforcement of child support orders.

Modification Assistance

Assisting in modifying child support orders to reflect changes in circumstances.

Expert Legal Advice

Providing clear guidance on Missouri child support laws and regulations.

Family Law Experts

At Stitt Law Firm, we bring over three decades of expertise in family law, specializing in child support matters. With extensive and broad ranging experience in the Jackson Co. Prosecuting Attorney's Family Support Division, Raoul Stitt has a comprehensive knowledge of child support establishment, enforcement, and modification. Our firm is well-versed in the policies and procedures of the Missouri Family Support Division-Child Support Enforcement, navigating its laws, rules, and procedures adeptly. We also offer experienced advice to attorneys on the Missouri administrative child support establishment, modification, and enforcement processes.

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Decades of Expertise

Over 30 years specializing in child support matters.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Recognized expert in the field of child support laws and procedures, having handled cases in both the Missouri Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and presented many attorney continuing education sessions at Missouri Child Support Education Association conferences.

Efficient Support

Expert advice ensures comprehensive and effective solutions.

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